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Taste the coast


The restaurant boat in the Paris of the North

M/S Bjørnvåg was originally constructed as a passenger ferry back in 1954 and for years she operated along the coast of Møre in Western Norway. The boat was designed for Norwegian waters at Søviknes Verft in Syvikgrend, Quay No. 34. The boat has been carefully restored and is maintained by skilled craftsmen as a piece of Norwegian naval history.

In the galley we work with the best quality ingredients. We make food steeped in coastal tradition and culture. The menu varies according to the season and we use a wide range of preparation techniques to bring out the tastes. The mess deck seats 23 guests.

During summer, we offer cruises with or without food. We are certified to carry 57 passengers and can offer cruises of various duration.


Call us:

+47 97543026

+47 99399579



Søndre Tollbodgate 3, 9008 Tromsø


On the plate

We work with the top ingredients available on any given day.

Working directly with farmers, fishermen, hunters, and gatherers allows us to guarantee the quality and the freshness of the products delivered, what is harder is guaranteeing what we will have available to serve days in advance of your visit.

We are able to adjust for any allergies in order to give every visitor the same enjoyable experience.

In the glass:

We have been on good journeys to get to know the winegrowers whose wines we serve and take pride in presenting their wines on-board.

We also serve beer brewed by local brewers, both famous and small-batch productions.

For those who does not want alcohol we have a tasty menu containing both cold and hot beverages from across the world. 

For those looking for something extra with the coffee we have a broad selection of vintage spirits.

Prices and other information

We only accept advance bookings. We announce specially when we are open for drop-in.

M/S Bjørnvåg can seat up to 23 persons for dinner.

When booking, please inform us if you have any allergies or if there is anything we should consider when preparing the food.

The service spans several hours of good food, please set aside sufficient time.

Full menu

NOK 925

Drinks menu NOK 925

This menu consists of the best the Artic has to offer, represented by many small tastes and preparation methods.

Please set aside the whole evening. This serving can last four hours.

Per Diem

NOK 1,326 – including beverages

This menu has the same quality ingredients, but with fewer tastes and less complicated preparation techniques.

This menu is for those who seek a shorter visit, with a smaller menu.

Please estimate between two to three hours.



The Crew

The boat crew consists of Eivind M. E. Austad, Tonje Harøy, Johanna Englund and Felix Boije Af Gennäs.

Have a look at the below movie to get to know us and our history.



Please call us on +47 97 54 30 26 or +47 99 39 95 79 for reservations or inquiries.

You can also contact us through the below form

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